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Thread: Right to bear 22lr parts and conversion?

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    Right to bear 22lr parts and conversion?

    Does anyone have any experience with the brand, Right to Bear?
    I see they make Dedicated 22lr parts for ARís.
    I was wanting a dedicated 22lr upper for my SBR to run suppressed.
    Iím still on the fence about this because part of me thinks itís stupid to spend $350 to build an upper (plus the cost of a rail which could easily be another $150) since I already have a m&p 15-22. But I do want something shorter suppressed thatís fun for the kids at the range, and for me in the field for rabbits and squirrels.

    Also any ideas on an inexpensive rail thatís fairly light weight?
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    I have purchased from right to bear in the past with no problems.

    I had found a CMMG bolt/barrel set at a LGS (4Ē barrel) and used a spare upper and a found a carbon fiber 4.5Ē FF handguard on clearance (somewhere). Made for a very nice and light .22lr AR and runs great with a spectre 2 can using black dog magazines.

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    Very good experience from Right to bear.

    I have not personally bought their brand (have bought others from them)but they ship super fast and have great service. If you would have an issue it would be taken care of quickly.

    My buddy did buy one of their brand barrels (made by BA) and is very happy with it

    If you're in the fence no worries at all with them


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