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Thread: Change my mind: a hybrid comp is the best general purpose muzzle device

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wake27 View Post
    Yeah thatís a beast. 14.5 upper? And do you easily notice that flash? Like I said a few posts back, I only saw it when looking for it, but that was very limited ďtestingĒ and definitely not the SF brake.

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    It's a 14.5" midlength. Honestly, if it's outdoors in relatively bright conditions then it's not too bad. I may get a small flash once or twice per magazine, but nothing most folks would notice I imagine. In less bright conditions (cloudy/overcast, dusk, dawn, etc) the flash is much more noticeable. Those photos were taken roughly two hours before sun set running M855.

    I've used the BCM comp before as well, and from my limited experience it doesn't seem to throw fireballs quite like the SF brake does, and isn't as obnoxious as the SF brake or Battle Comp are with noise. I will say the SF seems to keep the rifle flater while the Battle Comp likes to dip the muzzle downward, making for an odd recoil impulse. I don't recall the BCM doing that, but I may have simply not noticed it.

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    I donít get wrapped up over muzzle devices. Were it not for the fact that I typically shoot suppressors, I would probably use an A2 flash hider. These are 5.56mm rifles; not exactly a lot of recoil. The blast of a muzzle brake or hybrid brake/hider is more annoying to me than the extra recoil from a traditional brake. Itís nice to have choices.
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