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Thread: how to know which prone unsupported position is best for you

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    how to know which prone unsupported position is best for you

    delete post in wrong thread
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    75 (100%)'ve "mastered" close quarters shooting, but you need to know about drills to increase speed/recoil management, don't know what sling, belt or pouches you need, or the pros and cons between a LPVO and magnifier?
    Do you intend to buy a breakdown .300 win-mag for this prone shooting experiment? Will there also be a follow-on thread in "gear" about the best duct tape to use for taping two SAPI plates together to defeat said Win-mag threat? Do you own a Beretta 93R?
    Gecko? Howdy? Is that you?

    Ok, I've piss-taked enough, I'll say something useful now;

    Please consider re-wording the title of this post to something SPECIFIC like "Need Input On Prone Shooting Positions Due To Cancer Related Disability" because the current title is SO vague, it sounds rehashed as hell and will only get your thread ignored, or responses like the one you are currently reading.
    Then put a better description of your problem, as well as what you want to achieve other than "the pros and cons between the two positions" because we don't know WHICH two positions you are asking about.
    I also encourage you to go to some sort of website with basic shooting information, and doing a little research and learning some terms, other than "the bent leg position" or "those sling attachment things that stick in the rifle" so that when you ask a question here, you can use precision of language to allow people to respond productively, which will give you a FAR more useful experience here than the one you seem to be having so far...
    IF you do NOT know ANY of that and are afraid to ask... the "NEW to Firearms and Shooting" section is where you should start- Of course, you might have to admit you haven't "mastered" anything yet if you do that, but I think it's already clear enough, and no further harm would ensue.
    ALSO- the "Tactical Gear" section you are currently in is a very low-traffic area on this site (seriously there's like five people that come through here on a given day), and putting a thread about shooting positions in somewhere else like "Training" will also get you MANY more useful responses to your question.

    I hope this helps you have a more productive future time here.
    Sucks to hear about the cancer; Best of luck getting that under control.
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    I have a bad back which prevents or at least hinders arching up in prone. Prone is actually my worst (least accurate) position. This is probably because I practice it so little. Now I have elbow and knee pads which help quite a bit. The idea of a pad to lay on kinda turns me off since in real life self defense this will never happen. Also, most of the year I live where prone just puts you in position to see and eat the ground level vegetation, not any threat. But now I try never to just stand and shoot, I always kneel or squat or practice from behind cover. In spite of my prone shortcomings I know I need to work on this.

    Videos argue about what correct prone is. Some say straight as an arrow, some say one leg cocked and the body at an angle. Are there descriptive words for these two types of prone? Which do you do? Which is right? Any help or tips which you can offer?


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