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Thread: What would you consider a split time on the ar-15 that show's "mastery"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Bullseye View Post
    I do not rely on this sort of thing but sometimes I use multiple targets. What I am trying to get at is what are these standards good for if they really don't apply to self defense?
    How can pure technical shooting skill not be applicable to self defense? Fast visual processing and subconscious gun handling and shot calling will free up mental bandwidth for problem solving in a spontaneous defensive situation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Bullseye View Post
    Someone, please put me out of my misery and explain this. When shooting a target for speed or two or three targets, after a couple rounds of this your head memorizes where these targets are. Maybe not so you can aim with your eyes closed but where they are in the general 180 degree sweep in front of you. So for instance, after shooting the first one, you automatically pull the rifle toward the second and maybe without even looking. This seems a bit robotic to me.

    I have never been in combat or have been confronted by someone with a gun but it seems to me that if there were multiple threats, you would not instinctively know their (even approximate) positions. You would have to scan and find them, then shoot. Am I wrong here?????

    If not, they why the reliance in training on shooting the same targets in the same positions over and over?
    It's taking a variable out of the equation and emphasizing the manipulation of the weapon, not the determination of the target. Finding a target, is it actually a target are way longer time sequences than actual shooting. 'Groove' the firing and weapon manipulation so that it isn't getting in the way of the conscious actions of shooting.

    There are those targets with different shapes, numbers and images that you can incorporate some simple target discrimination into.

    From all the photo 'shooting' I've read, the fastest guys are about 0.1 from brain saying "Yes" to 'click'.

    But to answer the pure question on an AR; MIL triggers 0.15-0.16, G-triggers 0.13-0.15. I've seen a 0.12 every once in awhile, but I think that is just lucky on either end of the 'clock' tick.

    The Boy and I have been shooting dueling trees with 22s, and I'll have to run splits on some of those runs. With low recoil and simple target identification (but not the best triggers) it would be interesting to know what the splits are, especially at increasing distance.
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