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Thread: Why is the free float rail the default these days?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MegademiC View Post
    Free float specifically: all the benefits of a handguard and no/reduced issues of deflection.
    There are no benefits to a non-free float over free float other than cost (that I can think of).
    That and ease of installation. But thatís gotta be it.

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    For me, I have definitely noticed a POI shift with a tight sling while shooting a non-ff weapon. This can all be mitigated by knowing how to compensate for POI when the sling is tight.

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    Aside from maybe being "more expensive" is there a downside to the concept of FF tubes? Because, if there are I haven't found them yet.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jaykayyy
    And to the guys whining about spending more on training, and relying less on the hardware, you just sound like your [sic] trying to make yourself feel superior.

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