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Thread: RMR battery life in subzero temperatures

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    RMR battery life in subzero temperatures

    I recently started carrying an RMR-equipped G19, and I had a concern. If I have to repeatedly leave the gun+optic in the car overnight in subzero temperatures, will the battery life be dramatically affected? Let’s assume normal brightness (setting 5 or 6) and quality battery (Duracell, Energizer, Sony).

    A little background: I work in a hospital, which in IL is a GFZ. I wear scrubs, so “concealed is concealed” doesn’t apply even if I wanted to be a felon. So, I have to leave my EDC in the car overnight 3x a week. It seems that every year we get a week or so of temps close to or below 0 F. I plan to change RMR batteries yearly on my birthday, but would carrying it to work during those brutal winter weeks cause the battery to die sooner than 1 year?

    (Bonus question, will it affect my X300 battery life as well?)

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    Not sure about your specific question, but I had to replace my battery yesterday so just as an FYI, mine jumps between the second and third highest settings (6 & 7 I think?) depending on what I'm doing and I'm getting a pretty consistent eight months of use.
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    Assuming you are using lithium batteries you should be OK, they are rated to 40 below and work much better in cold temps than alkaline batteries.
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