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Thread: DA gear, anyone?

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    DA gear, anyone?

    Anybody know anything about this outfit? Looks like some innovative stuff, like Crye meets BFG meets SKD.

    Any word on quality, etc.?


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    I have some of their gear. It's okay.
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    If you look around the internet, there should be an old press release on Soldier Systems about their US gear stating that they are actually sewn by Tac Tailor. So I assume the stuff on their US site is ok.
    I have a couple of their "flapped TQ pouch" and "Tac Reload- Rifle" pouches, and they do indeed seem to be sewn "well enough". Reminds me a lot of TT "fite light" and Crye smart pouch items; not quite at a First Spear/Mayflower level of awesomeness, but good enough for confident use.
    I have not used them "hard" yet (except for a bit of tugging on the seams right after purchase for my own sanity), but I have seen a couple people on other groups running the TQ pouches overseas "for realz", and they seem to be holding up well enough.

    I would buy their general pouches and gear with a reasonable level of confidence.

    However, old-school pre-redesign Direct Action had serious issues with their zippers and packs- mainly failures with the zippers busting or the stitching of the zippers separating from the pack body. SO...anything with a zipper that they make, I would buy with caution. I hope due to their re-brand over the last couple years this has improved... but as there are other proven items that more or less do the same thing, I have not bothered to test one of their items with a zipper. YMMV.
    Although their GP pouches are tempting me...

    Personal opinion- I really like the pouches I have, and the overall design style of some of their other gear. Some good potential there other companies don't offer. The laser-cut material they use *seems* tough and stiff- the MOLLE attachment is nice and tight (no excess material leading to a loose/floppy fit), and yanking on the attachment strap a bit did not lead to any immediately obvious "tearing" of the material at the corners of where the strap is cut out of the fabric. They are also very pleasantly light weight and not bulky at all.

    Granted, this is a sample of 4 pouches that have currently seen limited use.
    I'd give them a solid 7/10 with potential for a higher score if it ages well.
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    I have 2 of their backpacks, the dust and the egg.
    Both seem well made and I haven't had any problems with them yet, but they haven't seen any hard use either.


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