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Thread: RC helicopters

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    Okay, maybe a regular drone it is!
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    I think a lot of the newer cheaper R/C type helicopters are more drones than helicopters. They are dressed up to look like helicopters.

    They have the basic ability to fly itself, you are just telling it where to go.

    Old hobby level R/C helicopters were very hard to fly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kerplode View Post
    An actual RC helicopter (single main and a tail rotor - not some semi-autonomous DJI drone or counter-rotating mains deal) is very difficult to fly. I tried for a while, but I spent 10x more time fixing it than "flying". I had the opportunity to take a short demo lesson in a real helo. It was much easier to control than the model because you could sort of "feel" what it was doing. The model doesn't give you that seat of the pants, and they're super responsive, so it's easy to get it all out of shape and before you realize it's going wrong, you're picking up the pieces.


    Bring money and patience...

    Look at this. It can't be that hard!

    Nah...j/k...I know guys that wiped out their rc rigs moving up from a beginner fixed wing rc plane to an Extra 300 style symmetric, zero angle of incidence style wing plane and wiping it out by stalling the inside wing on a slow turn. Helicopters are at least twice as hard.

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