Green Eye Tactical CQB Fundamentals Course 14-15DEC19 Cresson (DFW), TX

Green Eye Tactical
CQB Fundamentals Course
14-15 DEC 2019
Cresson (DFW), Texas
Max 12 attendees

There are no certificate pre-requisites for this course. However, those that cannot demonstrate muzzle awareness, trigger finger discipline, and general safety will not be allowed to progress to live fire. Attendees that arrive without the mandatory safety equipment will not be allowed to participate in live fire. Expect the course to be Crawl – Walk – Run. Here are some skills that you should be able to perform, without assistance, and in a safe/competent manner:
- Load, Unload, and Reload
- Correct Basic Stoppages
- Maintain Safety, Trigger Finger Awareness and Muzzle Awareness at all Times

*This course focuses on the fundamentals. It will be slow, but all skill levels will be challenged- regardless if you are an experienced shooter, active LE, or active Military*

This is a tactics course that will teach the foundational individual skills of room entry, in order to build a solid base of fundamentals for further training. Due to the scope and focus of the training, it will be a RIFLE ONLY course.

- Close Quarters Engagement Methodology
- Target Discrimination
- Forward/ Lateral Movement
- Fundamentals of room entry
- Team Entry
- CQB Fundamentals and Principles
- Incapacitating Shot Placement
- Lateral Target Transitions
- Tactical Order of Engagement
- 2 Man room Entry
- 4 Man (Team) Entry
- Basic Clearance Procedures
- Post Assault Procedures

Plate Carrier or Vest with Front and Back Plates
Suitable Outdoor Clothing
Boots/ Outdoor Shoes
Eye Protection (Shatter Resistant/ Ballistic)
Digital Ear Protection
Ability to Hydrate
Knee Pads
Ability to carry (Min) 2 Magazines
Rifle Suitable for training w/ Sling
Close Combat Appropriate Optic (EoTech EXPS 3.0 or Aimpoint T-2 recommended)
4 Rifle Magazines
Chamber Flag
450 Rounds Rifle (min)
Weapon Cleaning Kit
Weapons Oil
Inclement Weather Gear (Rain/Cold)
**Rain/Shine/Sleet/Snow-we train. NO WEATHER CANCELLATIONS. Show up prepared**

The round count for the course is 450. Not guaranteeing we shoot all of it. CQB doesn’t entail blazing on targets for emotional satisfaction. The bulk of the round count will be used during the 2 hours of Close Range Marksmanship training on a 25m range.

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