Green Eye Tactical, Zero and Fundamentals Clinic, 21DEC19 Cresson (DFW) TX

Green Eye Tactical
1-Day Zero and Fundamentals Clinic
21 December 2019
Cresson (DFW), Texas

Just get a new rifle and need to set it up and zero it? Or do you just need to knock the rust off or re-confirm your data/zero? This is the course for you. We decided to list a one-day clinic to meet the needs of the shooting community. This is a clinic format event, where we will discuss ballistics, zeroes, and fundamentals. We will then use state of the art equipment to record accurate velocity data from your rifle and ammunition. Combined with your equipment data and measurements, we will plan an ideal zero distance for your application and produce a custom drop chart for your use. We will also spend time grouping at your zero distance while receiving fundamentals feedback. We will also confirm your zero at distance. Any rifle type and optic/scope/iron sight is welcome for this clinic. Targets past 900 yards will be available.

We purposefully list this course in the middle of the winter and the middle of the summer to facilitate data collection in extreme temperature ranges in order to aid in the shooterís development of powder temperature tables and make intelligent choices with their zero. Shooters may stay as long as they want or leave as early as they need to.

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What Should I Bring?
Range appropriate attire.
Be comfortable and dress for the weather. This training is designed to work on the fundamentals. Unnecessary gear can over-complicate training and decrease your ability to absorb the training. Keep it simple.
At least 80 rounds for data collection, grouping and zero. Additional ammo as necessary for the desired length of the training session.

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