Green Eye Tactical Night Vision Operator Course 25-26JAN20 Cresson (DFW), TX

Green Eye Tactical
2-Day Night Vision Operator Course
25-26 January 2020

This will be a 2-day/night event focusing on the use and application of NVD's from various shooting positions.
Attendees will leave this course able to effectively employ their weapons in an IR environment, knowing their limitations and operational considerations.
Skills will be presented on a flat range to allow shooters to focus on the individual tasks in a building block methodology.
This is the same methodology employed by Tier 1 Special Operations Units when training Operators before they are taught to enter rooms.
The techniques presented will be appropriate to set the foundation for weapons manipulation in a tactical or combat environment.
Students will be exposed to the layered skill presentation methodology the Green Eye Tactical uses, to ensure all techniques on the flat range apply uniformly to advanced environments- including CQB in an IR environment.
I am committed to ensuring that each attendee receive adequate personal feedback and attention, as a result this course has a hard limit of 12 students- without exception.

Training exercises will include:
-NVG History/ Theory
-Primary & Secondary side shooting
-Standard and Non-Standard Positions
-Multiple Targets
-Situational Awareness
-Signaling Techniques
-IR/Visible integration
-Weapon Malfunctions in Darkness
-Target Discrimination

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What Should I Bring?
Range appropriate attire or full assault kit. By all means: train in what you'll fight in, but we aren't clearing houses, blowing doors or conducting MFF. Shorts and flip-flops will be a bit too casual, though.
An open mind. Some of the techniques shown may be very different from what you may have seen from other training groups. The techniques are, however, those in use by Tier 1 units.

Required Gear:
-Tactical Rifle w/800rds (may self regulate for a lower amount)
-Rifle Sling
-Pistol w/250rds (Optional)
-5 Magazines per weapon
-Method to carry Magazines
-Knee Pads
-Head mounted NVG's
-Cleaning kit
-Spare batteries for all equipment
-Active (digital) hearing protection
-Eye protection (clear lenses mandatory for night, tinted lenses for daytime)
-White light flashlight or headlamp
-Ability to hydrate

-NVG compatible optic
-IR (or visible) aiming laser

Recommended Gear:
-Tactical Gloves
-IR light or cover

Optional Gear
-Tactical Vest/Gear

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Training Flyer 2020 by Green Eye Tactical, on Flickr