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Thread: Prime pistol ammo. Anyone have experience with it?

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    Prime pistol ammo. Anyone have experience with it?

    I'm looking at some Prime Performance Plus .45 ACP ammo at a decent price. Says on the box it's made in the US.

    Anyone have experience with Prime pistol ammo?

    I'm leaning towards the S&B or Federal ammo but the price on the Prime is pretty good.

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    I've shot some of their .308, but not their .45 ACP. The .308 was pretty good ammo.

    Per their website they use Fiocchi brass with the .45, which is good brass, and they use Berry's 230 gr FMJ's- which are plated bullets.
    My experience has been plated bullets are fine for close range, non critical accuracy work.

    If I'm looking for best accuracy with pistol bullets, it starts with true jacketed FMJ's and ends with JHP's.

    With an optic/RD gun I shoot JHPs as the base is encapsulated with jacket material and it helps keep the optics screen/lens cleaner.

    I load all of my pistol range ammo (even 9mm), so I have little experience with factory ammo, other than "carry ammo".
    However, if priced the same, I'd go with the Federal or S&B if they have true, jacketed, not plated FMJ's.

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    I can only speak to their rifle ammo, which is superbly done. I've never had such tight groups from commercially loaded ammo. Great stuff. I'd be surprised if their pistol ammo was not equally well made. I sprang for a box in a couple weights to give it a whirl. It's pricey, to be sure, but good for a "splurge" now and then or if you are a competition shooter this may be the bees-knees.


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