I mentioned in a couple other threads that I was going to buy a Bushnell "Equinox Z" digital night monocular to play with, and somebody asked me to review it, so rather than highjack those other threads, here goes:

I bought a used 3x30 model off eBay for $120 or so. I wanted the 3x30 model because it's smaller and lighter (duh) than the 4.5x40 or 6x50 models.


I also paid $45 extra for Bushnell's goofy 90 rail mount.


(Bushnell will ship you one.)

My goals were to have some basic see-in-the-dark ability, and ideally, to put this thing on a rifle behind a red dot to shoot varmints in my backyard.

(No, I would NOT go into harm's way with a $120 NV set-up!)

It's pretty cool, especially for what I paid. I went out in the yard, and it was pitch dark, and I could see.

The imagining with the on-board illuminator is plenty good to ID varmints at across-the-yard ranges (<50yds). It would be easy to ID people and even see whether
they're armed or whatever at similar distances.

It's longer than spec'ed (almost 8" rather than 6.5").

The eye relief is ridiculously short, like 1/2" to my eyeglasses.

Given the length of this thing, the forward position of the rail, I can't see any practical way to mount this to a rifle.

I guess I could use longer rail that would overhang the rear of the charging handle, but that would be ridiculous: non-starter.

So, on the balance, I'm happy enough with this and would recommend it, given limited expectations.

I'm going to keep the monocular to play with as a handheld, and now I'm looking at a Sightmark Wraith to actually mount on a rifle...