HOLSTEX® has just announced the release of their new basketweave textured thermoform sheet and it is coming very soon to KnifeKits.com. This is an exclusive 3D thermoform sheet texture that was developed with Law Enforcement and tooled-leather lifestyle wearers in mind. The new basketweave texture is proportioned to the nominal sizing that you see on many basketweave-tooled leather duty belts and holsters. It is designed to blend into existing basketweave-tooled gear.

HOLSTEX® basketweave textured thermoform sheet will be offered in 15 standard colors and 3 thicknesses. The new texture will be a 3-dimensional surface design and will feature the standard smooth textured bottom layer for inward-facing use. It will also feature the surface protection mask (SPM) layer like other HOLSTEX™ materials for the first user to remove. This new basketweave texture will be a game-changer for sheath and holster making industry, as holster makers can now offer LE customers a thermoform holster option with a full dress finish. The new material’s launch is scheduled for March 2020.

Stay tuned here for updates. Or contact us if you want to want to join the announcement list.