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Thread: Pictures: TRS-25 vs 507c vs 403B-GR

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    Pictures: TRS-25 vs 507c vs 403B-GR


    I've been searching for the lowest red dot sight (RDS) available. It's for my Mini-14, but this would apply for any optic on a forward-mounted scout-style rail, e.g. AKM, M1A, etc.

    For comparison, I got a Bushnell TRS-25, a Holosun 507C (which is normally a pistol RDS), and a Holosun Elite 403B-GR (which is the same size as an Aimpoint).

    Here they are lined up next to each other.

    I then created a side-by-side composite of them. The TRS-25 has a red 3MOA dot (on the brightest setting here), the 507C has a red 32MOA circle around a red 2MOA dot (kinda washed out by my camera phone), and the 403B-GR has a green 2MOA dot (I think the brightness setting is too high; should've dialed it down).

    I then mounted them on the Ultimak rail that's installed on my Mini14. Here's another side-by-side composite shot of all three. The red line is the horizontal plane in which the dot appears for each RDS.

    Finally, I did a behind the rear sight side-by-side composite shot of all three. As you can see, the TRS-25 is the only one that allows for a partial co-witness with the Ruger factory front sight. The Holosuns are just too high.

    Please keep in mind that I'm not discussing any of the other features of these RDSs; my sole focus is on which one "sits" the lowest. Thus far, it looks like the Bushnell TRS-25 is the winner.

    Hope that helps someone out there.

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    Great post idea and the best pro for a TRS-25 I've ever heard. Well besides the price!

    I would like to see similar for other various RDS, like the optic weight thread. There are more RDS applications than just ARs!



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