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Thread: Streamlight HL/X is finally worthy(Arisaka SF Tailcap Adapater)

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    Streamlight HL/X is finally worthy(Arisaka SF Tailcap Adapater)

    I have been looking for a more reasonably priced alternative to Surefire weapon lights since I first stuck a nearly $300 SF forend light on my Benelli M1 Super 90 back in the 1990s. I have tried other lights for a minute but always found a weakness that caused me to disqualify them for serious life and death applications.

    The Streamlight HL/X was the closest I had come to leaving Surefire behind. Especially after seeing the street price of the SF M600DF and realizing that I could put a decent light with good candela on the 3 rifles I currently shoot on a regular basis for the price of a single SF product fully outfitted. The HL/X was almost there but the cheapo tailcaps and pressure switches were my only sticking point.

    Then came Arisaka's new HL/X to SF Scout tailcap adpater!

    The one thing that turned me off about the HL/X is finally corrected for a mere $38.
    Couple this with the fact that I have a drawer full of old SF Scout lights w/ mounts and a plastic Big Gulp cup full of pressure switches new in the SF baggies and I will literally be able to outfit every long gun in my safe with a 27,000 candela light with the best pressure switches and mounts on the market for around $1200.

    Is the HL/X the bleeding edge of weapon light technology? Nope but I can still PID to the boundaries of my facility and then some with it, it uses my favorite IWC/HSP Thorntail mounts I already had for my now obsolete Scout older lights and I can get them in 3 colors that match most of my recent builds for under $100ea.

    Anyway I put in an order for 3 of these Arisaka adapters a few minutes before making this post and if all goes as planned I should be swapping out all of my Scout lights for Streamlight HL/Xs by New Years!

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    Please update this when you receive and test the product, I'm very intrigued in it as I'm running an hlx/HSP/cloud combo but hate the end cap.

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    If your felling brave you should do a water resistant/ waterproof test.

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    Im a believer in streamlite over surefire. Especially when my own money is on the line. Been really happy with my protac2 with its lowly 650 lumens for at least 2 years. Sits on my 10.5 and works great in the woods.

    I would agree though that the pressure pad is weak on the SL and I would happily upgrade to a SF one.
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