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Thread: LPVO or Acog TA11

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    LPVO or Acog TA11

    My AR that I usually use is a BCM 14.5 with a T2 and I love it.

    Iím thinking about doing another 14.5 or 16 with a longer range optic on it. Iím gravitating towards a TA11 for some reason but with higher end modern optics Iím not sure if it makes sense to get one over say a Razor HD?

    What do you guys think?

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    I've considered ACOGs (LED only) but compared to a LPVO, they are limiting.

    The ability to drop down to 1x with a Vortex / NF / Kahles / etc is so nice, then conversely the ability to go up to 4x/6x/8x on the top end.

    If you want magnification in a lightweight / semi-bombproof package and anticipate mostly medium distance shooting, I can see the case for an ACOG but otherwise not so much.
    - Rhino

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    It really depends on the shooting you plan to do.

    New 1-6 or 1-8 offer more capability, at the cost of weight.
    An acog with offset rmr is going to cost and weigh (rough calculation in my head) about the same as an nx8.
    The rmr would potentially be easier to learn up close. But the 8x (or a 6x) has added capability.
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