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Thread: Fitness: Weight loss group accountability

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    In my case, it also helps to note that by this point in a typical year I'm *well* into fattening up for winter so to be posting REDUCTION this late in the season is remarkable.

    Still banging out six ten-minute miles a week, which while it's not much for a Tier 1 Doorkicker or a fitness nut who ENJOYS pain and sweat, by the benchmark of "mostly sedentary life desk-dweller"... well, while there'd be a high price to pay afterward 40yo me could kick 20yo me's ass.
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    Want to lose weight, get hit by a cat 4 hurricane, work from dawn to dusk cleaning up debris in 95 degree heat and 85% relative humidity with no A/C, 2 meals a day for 17 days. Worked for me.

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