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Thread: Shoulder Pain? The Solution & Prevention

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    Shoulder Pain? The Solution & Prevention

    I'm 46, and I've been suffering from recurring and sometimes debilitating pain in my right shoulder for the past six months. My shoulder got so bad that a few weeks ago the simple task of starting a chainsaw buckled me to my knees in pain. As a result, I resigned myself to the fact that I would probably have to have expensive shoulder surgery after the holidays, but then I came across some information that has led me to an alternative treatment option.

    Last week I was searching YouTube for videos on shoulder pain, and in one of the videos the presenters mentioned a book by orthopedic surgeon John Kirsch, MD, titled Shoulder Pain? The Solution & Prevention - The Exercise that Heals the Shoulder and Relieves Back Pain. In the book, Dr. Kirsch outlines the various causes of shoulder pain and a really simple exercise that can treat the vast majority of shoulder injuries. The solution that he advocates is hanging from a pull up bar - palms out - over a 15 minute period, during which you hang for 10~30 second intervals using both hands as tolerated, applying full or partial weight. The hanging exercise is immediately followed by simple weight lifting exercises using 1~8 lbs dumbbell weights.

    I bought a copy of the book last week from Amazon, and started doing the exercises on Wednesday. Initially, I couldn't hang with my full body weight or for the full 30 seconds because of pain, but in less than a week I can now do both. I normally sleep on my sides, and before I started this program the pain in my shoulder would interrupt my sleep, but the last few nights I've slept pain free.

    I share this information because I know that there are others out there like me who are hurting, and who also like me think that surgery may be the only option because that's what we've been led to believe.

    Here are links to the book, the video that led me to the book, and Dr. Kirsch's website.
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