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Thread: The best way I ever found to clean brass is by using stainless steel pins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by duece71 View Post
    Tagged for interest. I shoot suppressed quite a bit and brass can be rather filthy. Thinking about the SSP route. Hornady sells an “all in one” tumbler with media for $200 (Cabelas) which seems pricey but it’s the only one I have seen.
    Gas gun suppressed brass only gets so clean for me. Bolt gun stuff shines up pretty good though. That's all cosmetic either way.
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    I like some of the ideas for a home made wet tumbler, but the cost for an electric motor would run me around $100 locally. I would be starting from scratch and would have to buy the other materials for the tumbler, stainless steel pins, etc.

    A cost effective option would be to buy a kit with everything a person would need to get started. MidwayUSA has a kit for $140.
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