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Thread: 300 Confederate Sharpshooter (300CSS)

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    Thanks Humpy for tolerating my smart-ass ribbing of your cartridge name. Its a cool idea and Id love to hear about more. If you name them something reasonable like .338 Northern Aggression Id be super excited. Good fun!

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    Only reason I know about the 303 Rugers was Steve VogeL (Bill's son in law) was a good friend and he told me about them. A few years ago I was reading a forum and a guy in Canada said he had one.

    If you can get a set of "The War of the Rebellion" printed by US gov't that lists piles of actual documents from the war. I think there were like 20 volumes in the set and has message traffic to/from various commanders. It is a real eye opener. The full set used to sell for like $200.00 20 years ago.

    Only one I have now is a 7MM Sabre built on a No 4 action. Haven't shot it but a few rounds. Sold a couple of them to a friend and he sold them to a mutual friend and he hasn't got around to shooting them yet.

    I have a couple P14 actions and I had thought about having a 306 Sabre on one.

    306 Confederate Sabre and 303 Brit parent case.
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