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Thread: First Build

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    Quote Originally Posted by GH41 View Post
    What are you expecting the rifle to do and with what ammunition?? If you expect top accuracy and are willing to shoot premium ammunition to get it the cost of a good barrel will be a small piece of your shooting budget.
    If you want precision, I'd echo GH41 in recommending going for as high quality a barrel as you can afford.

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    An SPR barrel is pretty heavy. Criterion makes a chrome lined medium contour 18" barrel that will save a little weight. Criterion (and others) will also provide a headspaced bolt so you have one less concern when you assemble the rifle.

    Rifle gas works fine with an 18" barrel - I'm running a medium contour 18" rifle gas barrel without issues now.

    A stainless SPR match barrel will provide the most precision, it really comes down to how much you want to spend and weight you can tolerate.

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    I posted some options earlier but left out Rainier Arms match barrel. Not the ultra match that is more expensive (also very good)

    They are right around $200

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