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Thread: Which Brian Litz Book?

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    Which Brian Litz Book?

    Litz has a number of books that might seem to overlap. Is there one over the others that is better, or a progression? I've taken a couple of long range classes and get the basics, but between time and my notes from class sucking, I start to lose much beyond those basics. Looking for something that I can reference and start to build a better 'model' in my head of what is going on. I've got some time over the Holidays to get some reading in.

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    3 (100%) is a good resource for benchrest and F Class shooters. is a link on their menu bar and you can search Litz to find good articles. Someone on that forum may be able to provide a qualified opinion on which book would be best.

    I come to M4C for AR15 information and the above sites for information when shooting 1,000 yards and beyond.
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    Litz does a great job of dumbing things down in Applied Ballistics for Long Range Shooting if your interested in the more technical aspects of the sport. I'd like to read Accuracy and Precision for Long Range shooting next as it seems it would be a natural progression into practical application after the nuts and bolts are understood. The book about long range bullets specifically seems interesting but in the end I'm going to shoot whatever is best for my particular rifle/barrel anyway so I'm not sure how valuable that information would be aside academics.

    6mmBR and Accurateshooter are great sources of information.

    The AB app is great, as well. Very easy to setup and use.


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