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  • G Code RTI

    5 41.67%
  • Safariland QLS

    7 58.33%
  • Other, please state.

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  • None, they all suck, configure each 1st line belt individually.

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Thread: G-Code RTI vs Safariland QLS vs ??

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    I have never used QLS, just recently put a battle belt together and went with RTI.

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    I have both. The QLS mounts are on my duty belt. It is a lot quicker to remove the holster when it is on the QLS. This is helpful when I have to go into jails. I just leave the gun in holster in my patrol car instead of using the jail lock box.

    The RTI is a good piece of gear, but the QLS works better for my current needs.
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    I have used QLS on my duty belt for a couple of years now. It does have some play in the lockup. I have never found that it posed any sort of risk. I have been in fights where my full body-weight and the full weight of others has landed on the holster with no damage. I've had my holster pulled on with no result. I have no doubt at all in regards to the security of the holster.

    I have bought a concealment holster from G-Code before, their customer service was phenomenal. I had been in an off duty shoot and my holster was in an evidence locker. Needing a new holster immediately I contacted G-Code and when I told them about my situation they expedited the heck out of my order. While I don't have direct experience with the RTI system I have nothing but love for the holster I got from them and their customer service.

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