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Thread: J-frame Manifesto/ How I set up my J-frames

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Bell View Post
    a set of crimson trace laser grips. This is, in the words of LAV, a no brainer fro the J-frame..
    Just curious if you shoot thumbs forward, and if so whether you've tried it weak handed with those grips.

    I had a set of LG-308s I put on a 686 that were the bees knees until I tried a magnum round with them. The laser assembly housing-- with the same thumbs forward grip I've used for tens of thousands of rounds left handed-- goes straight into the tenderest part of the knuckle. No bueno.

    Not necessarily a fault of the grips themselves I suppose, but something everyone should try once just to see how it affects them. Especially if not putting in a lot of weak handed reps. (for rightys - southpaws will figure out whether it's go/nogo PDQ)

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    Itís still no bueno for left handed shooting that way.

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    Funny, I'm left-handed and have never had any problems.
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    No problem. My thumb points down when I shoot support hand only.
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    Reading this thread makes me want to reconsider the purchase of a 38/357 J frame !

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