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Thread: J-frame Manifesto/ How I set up my J-frames

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    Quote Originally Posted by dpast32 View Post
    Good Morning Folks, I just happened to see the above Post & figured I would venture brief comment......... My little S&W M-642 is loaded dependent upon the season, either 158 LSWCHP+P's, Speer 135 GDHP+P, or perhaps my new 'possible', Federal's new 130 gr. S/D Load that resembles the old 148 FWC Hydra-Shock, which so far appear to be an option..............

    Best regards, Dom P.
    I had the opportunity to test the 158g LSWCHP +P when ATK Corporation representatives were at our main firearm training facility. I fired 5 rounds into ballistic gelatin using my Model 60. None of the projectiles expanded. All 5 rounds of Speer 135g GDHP +P expanded. Federal Hydra Shok 147g +P did not expand, but the projectiles looked like the projectiles used in 9mm Hydra Shok.

    I just looked at the projectile for the new 130g Hydra Shok on Federal's website and it looks considerably different than the older version projectile. When I see it on the shelves locally, I am going to pick up some and try it out.

    You probably already know this, but be careful to protect your eyes when practicing contact shooting with a magna-ported handgun. I've experienced upward muzzle blast when shooting a 4" revolver with the same feature.

    Where are you finding the Speer 135g GDHP +P ammunition? I cannot find any locally or online.
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