I have for sale the following:

(1) Surefire G2X Tactical, FDE, clicky tail cap, Very Good condition (one small scratch from being mounted in ring mount, small amount of black fouling from muzzle flash), $50 shipped OBO.

(1) Surefire G2X Tactical, Black, momentary on tail cap, Very Good condition to Like-New condition. $55 shipped OBO.

(2) Arisaka Defense, In-Line Ring Mount, KeyMod. Both are in Very Good to Like-New Condition. Same have been mounted but show no signs of use aside from thread locker applied to screws. $40 shipped each OBO.

***Will bundle one light and one mount for $85 shipped OR both lights and both mounts for $165 (OBO).***

I ship via USPS. I accept PayPal. Message me on here, or email me, for pictures of any items or with additional questions. Prices can be negotiated within reason.


(good to new condition)
-Daniel Defense A1.5 Rear Sight
-Stream Light Pro-Tac Rail Mount 1 (dual fuel)
-Stream Light Pro-Tac Rail Mount 2
-Arisaka Defense In-Line Scout Mount, KeyMod