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Thread: First Women To Earn The Silver Star for courage in combat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 26 Inf View Post
    Perhaps because Sgt. Hester was the first woman to win the award for direct combat action - taking the fight to the enemy.

    That in no way, shaped, or form, takes anything away from the four female members of the medical corps who were awardedthe silver star at Anzio.

    PFC Monica Brown (now Sergeant) is also a badass:

    The small arms fire began to concentrate on the IED site as the Platoon Medic, Private First Class Brown, moved on foot to evaluate the casualties. She was exposed to the small arms fire until the maneuver element could swing around and begin suppressing the enemy as she treated the wounded Soldiers.

    After making an initial assessment and treating in order of severity, she moved the casualties with the aid and direction of the Platoon Sergeant, into the wadi the engulfed vehicle was hanging over. The enemy fighters then engaged the patrol with mortar fire.

    Private First Class Brown threw her own body over the casualties to shield them as the mortars were impacting 75 to 100 meters away. Approximately 15 mortars impacted within close range of the casualties as Private First Class Brown continued treatment. Private First Class Brown continued treatment in the wadi approximately 15 meters from the burning vehicle, at which time the onboard 60-mm. mortar, 5.56-mm. ammunition, and 40-mm. grenade rounds on board began to explode. Again disregarding her own safety, Private First Class Brown shielded the casualties with her own body as large chunks of shrapnel and 5.56-mm. rounds began flying through the air from the burning vehicle.

    The patrol leader arrived on site and found it incredible she was still alive and treating the casualties amidst the extremely dangerous conditions she was operating under. Given the hazards to Private First Class Brown, the platoon sergeant used the ANA Ranger to move the wounded Soldiers and Private First Class Brown to a more protected position.

    Not bad for 18 years old, kind of Greatest Generationish.
    Yeah, I did understand the distinction of direct combat. And I'm really not trying to be dismissive or disrespectful. As you say, not bad for an 18 year old kid.

    I just wish we didn't have to go through the "novelty phase" of first woman this or first black guy that. I suppose it's the price we pay for once having had a segregated military and until recently not permitting females in combat roles.

    In my mind, anyone who actually WANTS to join the military and anyone who WANTS to serve in combat arms should at a minimum be given a chance. I'd rather serve with somebody who actually wants to be there then somebody who got drafted or something like that.

    Should have been done a long time ago, we either actually believe in freedom and equality or we don't.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WillBrink View Post
    More people know what shoes some worthless pop singer is recommending than this woman's achievements. She was just awarded The Silver Star:

    "...Hester traversed two additional trenches on foot, killing three enemy soldiers with her M4 carbine before a ceasefire was called. The troops identified 27 deceased enemy soldiers, six injured, and one taken prisoner.

    Three members of Hesterís unit had been injured in the gunfire, but all had survived.

    Hester was awarded the coveted Silver Star, the third-highest decoration in the U.S. military for valor. The young sergeant was the first female in the U.S. Army to receive the award since World War II and the first female ever to receive the Silver Star for courage in combat."

    #CombatVets #SilverStarWinner
    Yeah, this happened way back in 2005. My PL's brother was her CO. At the start of my platoon's second tour in Iraq him and I stopped by to see him when we arrived back in theater and he was telling us they put her in for the Silver Star. He shared with us the after action photos of all the deceased dudes they killed who attempted to ambush the convoy her element was providing security for. They were among the most gruesome combat photos I've seen. IIRC her vic was trail providing rear security, enemy ambush was initiated, her team maneuvered to outflank the dudes in the trench since they were still well outside the kill zone, and then lit up the trench with either a crew served MK19 or M2 .50 cal. She then dismounted and cleared the trench on foot. Only one enemy combatant lived to tell the tale. Almost Hollywood in its execution. She put in the work. She's earned it.
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    Fine work there little sister... God bless you.
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