Defensive Handgun: Handgun Shooting on the Move 29 March 2020 Carthage NC

Defensive Handgun: Shooting on the Move

The Shooting on the Move course focuses on increasing the student's ability to effectively use a handgun during defensive situations while moving. Material to be covered includes: forward/rearward/lateral movement, clearing malfunctions on the move, and multiple target engagement. This material can also be easily applied to the competitive world.

Class Date: 29 March 2020

Location: Carthage, NC

Duration: 8 hours

Cost: $150

Primary Instructor: Chris (Bio)

Equipment Requirements:

Students will need:

1 Handgun with a Minimum of 3 Magazines or Speedloaders (Single stack pistols need a minimum of 5 magazines)
Strong Side Belt or Tactical Drop Down Holster(No Cross-Draw or Shoulder Holsters) AIWB is ok
A Sturdy Gunbelt and Spare Magazine Pouch/Carrier
500 Rounds of Ammunition
Pen/Pencil and Paper
Ear and Eye Protection

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