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Thread: What are your thoughts on M81 Woodland Camo pattern?

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    Looks good after it has faded somewhat ...

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    This is a tad bit of a necropost, so I apologize for that, but I thought it was worth sharing due to the discussions about MC being seen as a poser, while M81 may not.

    I've been reading through comments on pictures of the rally in Richmond. Those from the left seem to share a common trend and that's, that any "military" gear, from helmets to plate carriers to even ammo pouches, gets the person wearing it labeled as a "poser." A lot of these guys aren't even wearing camo at all, just jeans and earth tone jackets, but the presence of any equipment gets them that label. (as well as a drawn-out discussion on the size of their, uh, manhood) If you avoid MultiCam to keep from being labeled as a poser, cosplayer, or "tactical timmy," and go with M81s or even jeans an old web belt, it looks like you'll still get those labels slapped on you. Something to think about.
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