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Thread: Larry Vickers 2 day Advanced Handgun Myrtle Beach SC June 27-28, 2020

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    Larry Vickers 2 day Advanced Handgun Myrtle Beach SC June 27-28, 2020

    Larry Vickers is coming to Myrtle Beach, SC June 27-28 for a 2 day Advanced Handgun class.

    Topics covered include: malfunction drills, shooting on the move, and strong hand and weak hand shooting. Timed fire drills and evaluations based on class skill level. Concealed carry methods are also covered. Advanced shooting on the move and skill drills. Courses of fire to be used are based on the skill level and evaluation of the shooters. The shooter will leave the course with a firm grasp on both strengths and weaknesses, and drills to help themselves improve.

    Location:A private range near Longs, SC.


    Gear requirements:
    Eye & Ear protection (electronic hearing protection is strongly recommended)
    Serviceable handgun of at least 9mm Para caliber
    Serviceable holster
    Minimum 1 double magazine pouch
    Minimum of 3 serviceable magazines (5 is better)
    1,500 rounds of ammo for two days
    Suitable range wear depending on the season
    Good attitude

    For more info please PM me here.
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    Sir, I am interested in attending the Larry Vicker's 2-day course. Please provide additional information, or I can provide you additional information.
    Mike Hummel


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