This thread features the making of an IWB holster for a Glock 19 with adjustable retention.

This video from KnifeKits shows the build of an adjustable retention IWB holster for a Glock 19 with an RCS Overhook strut. Using the Glock 19 HolsterMold™, this IWB holster turned out great. offers molds for Glock, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, and many more. With many different thermoform plastics and mounting attachments to choose from, this tutorial video can be adapted to fit any custom holster project.

+ .080 HOLSTEX™ Sheet Material (Raptor Black)
+ RCS Overhook Strut
+ Drilling and Mounting Template
+ HolsterMold™ (Glock 19)
+ Mounting Hardware

Kydex Forming Press
Kydex Drill Bit
Master Series Flaring yelet Flaring Dies: Master Series #8
Toaster Oven / (A heat gun or other type of heat source can be used)
Buffing/Flap Wheels