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    Sling ?

    I have an SOB Tactical B sling. It has the qd attachment on my BCM rail and I have the rear looped through the stock with the slider buckles. No matter how tight I get that the sling tends to roll over the back of the stock and then itís in the way when I bring the gun up and shoot. What am I missing? I set the sling up based on how Shrek suggests as well as other trainers.

    Set up like in this link.

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    That's one thing I really like about the vltor stocks, they have that loop on the top you can run your sling through.

    On the standard M4 buttstock I've started doing the following with my Vtac.

    Run sling from the strong side of the stock to the support side.
    Run sling through one of the keepers.
    Run back through the stock and secure with the second keeper.

    This essentially gives you the same attachment as a QD swivel on the strong side. The first keeper prevents you from pulling the sling through the stock.

    Give it a go and see if it works for you.

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