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Thread: (SOLD) 6.8spc bullets, brass, and dies $250 for all.

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    (SOLD) 6.8spc bullets, brass, and dies $250 for all.


    Streamlining my calibers, so this stuff needs a new home.

    6.8spc (.277”) components and dies

    (A few have been loaded then collet pulled by me, but 99% are new in package)

    90 grain Speer Gold Dot : 927 pc
    100 grain Nosler Accubond : 139 pc

    Brass 6.8spc:

    Starline sized & primed : 89 pc
    1x fired star line : 92 pc
    1x fired hornady factory from 110bthp (160)
    1x fired hornady reloading brass (100)

    Dies (6.8spc)

    Hornady “new dimension“ Die set
    Sizer and seater
    Lee FCD
    Collet .277” bullet puller

    $250 net (shipped) for all.
    Will trade for:
    G17 mags
    Pmags 20rd or 30rd (5.56 or 300blk specific)
    Set of Troy folding BUIS
    Surefire X300U
    Small IFAK, coyote
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