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Thread: Training VS “Duty” Ammo

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    Quote Originally Posted by MegademiC View Post
    Doesnt matter for most people and most practice.

    If you can shoot 4” or better at 25 yards, you may notice a difference at that range and further.
    If you are a good shooter, you may be able to quantify the difference on medium range targets at speed.

    I sight in with, and carry 147 grain. I compete and train with 115 and 124gr (all 9mm).

    For rifles, sight-in and long range only. Anything non-precision gets 55gr for me. I sight in and keep 62gr loaded for hd/hunting.

    This is the harsh truth, some won't admit it though. Same goes for the threads on different AR zero's people fret over when most are unable to tell the difference anyhow. Funny when you see, "yeah, but the x zero is 1" closer at X range and it's the best" Yeah-sure buddy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Willoj View Post
    I’m mostly concerned with my ar15.
    As others have said, it won't be a huge deal unless you start getting into practice at distance (say 2-300yd window and beyond). That being said without knowing which loadings you are shopping for, it's typically not that much big a price difference to just get a FMJ practice round in an equivalent grain weight of your serious ammo. This is especially true for rifle cartridges vs pistol.

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