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Thread: FN scores M4/M4A1 contract

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinzgauer View Post
    I wanted a 6920 in M4 configuration as kind of as a reference for fun. Have not changed the barrel yet but I'm looking for a good used Colt 14.5 FSB barrel which I will pin and swap.

    Partly just to remind myself how I got in the m4gery thing as it was cuz they were light, reliable, easy to shoot accurately and fastly.

    I'd love a civvy FN made A4 if it was off the line except for specific fcg parts. But thats not what their collector guns are. Could probably get closer with a used Colt in A2 config of some form.
    I keep seeing this. Aside from the proof marks, what's the difference? From my understanding they're manufactured at the South Carolina facility now instead of Virginia like they originally were.

    I spoke on the phone to someone from FN recently in regards to the collector series. He told me as of right now they're actually manufacturing them on the exact same line that the military guns are, they just cannot stamp them the same. Also he said the lower receivers ARE NOT made by FN.

    A side note. Chris Bartocci from Small Arms Solutions mentioned in a live chat that he measured the barrel length of his personal military collector series M4 and it's exactly 14.5" . . . so that lines up with what the FN employee said lol

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    A bit more info:

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    $717.72 per rifle is not bad. and I assume its just more then just a rifle and mag. so the price per unit would be lower.

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