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Thread: A5 Receiver Extension Comparison Photos

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    A5 Receiver Extension Comparison Photos

    I happened to have examples of VLTOR, BCM, and Magpul A5 receiver extensions at the same time, so I took a few photos.

    I bought the Vltor from Brownells, the BCM from BCM, and the Magpul from Magpul.

    The exterior finish of all 3 is excellent. Anything in the photos that looks like an exterior blemish is just from my handling and wipes right off.

    Packaging as received:

    Trying to get decent photos of the interior of the extensions was a challenge for my limited photography skills. The VLTOR and Magpul extensions were more shiny and reflected light much better. The BCM extension was the only one that had what appeared to be a dry film lube coating that is a very flat grey color - it made illuminating the interior difficult for me. The BCM coating looks smooth and uniformly applied except where it appears absent on the rear end cap. The photo doesn't do a great job of showing that, unfortunately.

    The interior of the Magpul extension had a significantly rougher surface than the other 2 - don't know what effect, if any, that might have on function.

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    Great job on the comparison photos!
    The Magpul definitely looks rough inside.
    I think the VLTOR and the BCM are the winners.
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    Nicely done. I have been looking to upgrade my SBRs to the BCM or Magpul.
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    Nice comparison. I have been switching over all my lowers to the bcm a5 version mainly because I can find them easily. Might have to test the magpul version out.


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