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Thread: 2019 STI Staccato-P DUO 4.15" 9mm - SOLD

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    2019 STI Staccato-P DUO 4.15" 9mm - SOLD



    One STI Staccato-P DUO 2011 pistol in 9mm. This is a 4.15" barrel 2019 production gun with the Gen2 grip. Bought it brand new around the end of November, beginning of December (last year).

    Circa 200 rounds fired through it, with four shooters, no problems for any of us. Standard rear sight sits off a little in one direction, hence the factory test target shooting slightly left of the bull. No wear that I have noticed.

    Comes in the original soft case, with original paperwork and ship kit (sans red loctite, as it was used to mount the RMR and RMR adaptor). RMR adaptor plate currently mounted, but the rear sight and Deltapoint Pro kits are, of course, included in the ship kit. Includes two new magazines: One 17-rounder and one 20-rounder.

    Selling this pistol because I bought one of the 2020 4.45" barrel guns.


    Asking $2250 shipped from an FFL on my end to one on yours. Not interested in any trades. Postal money order preferred.


    Thanks for looking!
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