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Thread: Vortex Viper 1-6

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    Vortex Viper 1-6

    I looked at the Vortex Viper 1-6 a couple weeks ago. I thought that it was a pretty nice option in the price range. Does anyone have one? I would like to hear some reviews from people who are using it. Iím thinking that it is a great choice in the $600 range. Please let me know what your experiences are.

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    I got two of them recently. For comparison I've had a razor 1-6 (pre e variation) and the previous gen Viper PST 1-4. The Viper 1-6 is a nice scope and has a little better glass than the 1st gen 1-4. It's not quite as nice as the Razor, but given the price difference that's to be expected. It has a nice bright dot that's easily visible out in the sun. It's bigger and heavier than the 1-4, but again that's to be expected. My biggest complaint against it is the reticle. It's adequate, but I personally would have preferred the TMCQ reticle from the first gen 1-4, but it's not available in the 2nd gen models. This is subjective though and you may have different preferences than I do. Overall I think it's a fine scope. People often say it's about 80-90% of the Razor at 1/2 the price. I think I would agree with that assessment. Also keep in mind that you can often find them used in the EE on this forum as well as Arfcom in the $450-$500 range. Given Vortex's warranty and customer service you don't have anything to fear if you buy used.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveL View Post
    Overall I think it's a fine scope. People often say it's about 80-90% of the Razor at 1/2 the price.
    I have one as well and agree.

    I bought a PST Gen 2 1-6x24 before buying a Razor-E.

    The Razor-E was an underwhelming improvement over the PST Gen 2. Yes the Razor-E is nicer, but it isn't 2x the price nicer.

    So much so that I returned the Razor-E and got a NX-8 instead, which lived up to the hype IMO.


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