Since my Geissele Black Friday order took longer than the estimated 8 weeks, I received a 35% off coupon with my stuff. The coupon expires in August and there arent any more Geissele products Ill need to order by then. What I do need is a Vltor A5 setup (A5 receiver extension, castle nut, end plate, A5H2 buffer and spring).

Im offering the 35% off coupon in trade for a Vltor A5 setup (preferably new and with a Sprinco green spring). The coupon works only on Geissele products (my understanding is it wont work on optics bundles). If youre looking to buy a Geissele upper receiver group or complete rifle, 35% off is a substantial savings. A complete Geissele Super Duty Rifle goes from $1599 to about $1039 and a complete URG-I goes from $1249 to about $812.