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If you have the extra cash, I would look into generac permanent generators. I was quoted ~$6000 for a whole house 22000w back up genny installed and all. Decided not to go with it bc we plan on building in a few years, but will have one there. If not I’d look into the small Honda’s you can link together and very portable
I had a 22kw generac and transfer switch sitting brand new on a pallet in my shop at my old house while I welded together a stand with a metal roof as cover out of angle iron, expanded metal and corrugated sheets. I bolted that to the slab and even set up a bigger regulator off my 500 gal propane tank all while searching for an electrician to do the install. During the time it took to do that much towards getting it installed, life took a turn. I had to move. I wanted to bring the brand new setup with me. But crazy thing, when selling my home, every single person who came to look at the house made an offer on the generator, whether they made an offer on the house or not. I had to put a sign on it that said DO NOT ASK ABOUT THE GENERATOR UNLESS YOU MAKE AN OFFER ON THE HOUSE!. The very next couple that looked at the house made a full asking price offer as long as the generator stayed. We accepted that after being on the market for less than a month.

So with my previous experience, I want a generator that is portable. That's just how I am now, especially since we are in a 5 year home now. (but you know how that goes; we will probably end up being here until I retire since that's how it goes when "planning things")

I would definitely opt for a Honda as all my experiences with them are positive, but I don't see any Hondas with the Dual fuel feature.