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Thread: Nightforce 50 or 100 moa prism ?

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    Nightforce 50 or 100 moa prism ?

    I see as long range shooting has taken off, many new trinkets are being invented. Can anyone explain how the new NF Prism works. Be nice to pop on my LMT MWS and give a whirl.

    And as soon as somebody has a range report, Iím all ears.

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    I've been hesitant to post as I have zero personal experience with these devices and I might just be telling you what you already know.

    These "optical wedges" are essentially a clip on device that introduces a known amount of angular offset to the image that your scope sees. The Charlie TARAC is a version that's been around for a while that lets you adjust the offset. It seems the Nightforce ones are non adjustable.

    The advantages to these devices are that you don't need to mount your optics at rediculous angles, allowing you to zero at 100yds like normal, and not have rediculous cheekpiece setups to deal with the scope height required of the extremely slanted bases/mounts.

    For example, with my 300 Norma I have 22 Mils of elevation available after zeroing at 100yds, it has a 30MOA base. At my elevation that will get my out to 2k or so depending on temperature. If I wanted to shoot to 2500 yds I'd have to hold over the extra 12 mils with my reticle, depending on the scope that may or may not be possible and you're definitely not going to be able to use Max magnification to do so.

    I could put a steeper base on my rifle, but I would lose the ability to zero at a reasonable distance. Or I could mount one of these 50MOA (14.8 mil) wedges in front of my scope. If I need 34 mils to get to 2500yds I could then just dial the 19.2 mils in my scope and be able to use the center of the reticle.

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    I think the fixed offset would be ok for our usage since we have no plans to shoot beyond a mile.
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