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Thread: 10mm AR Pistol

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    10mm AR Pistol

    I've been wanting to do this a long time and finally completed it (for now). There may be future modifications. Finished it a few days ago and test fired it today. Two full 20rd mags of Sig 180 gr FMJ ran flawlessly.

    For those curious about the makeup since it is something of a Frankengun.

    Angstadt Arms receiver set for large frame Glock mags
    CMMG RDB 8" barrel and bolt combo
    Kaw Valley Precision linear comp (1/8 inch past end of rail)
    Odin Works Zulu 2.0 pistol tube and ambi safety
    Expo 9.5" forend M-LOK rail with Slate Black Industries rail covers
    Ergo grip
    Sprinco extra power carbine buffer spring
    H2 buffer
    Fortis Clutch right handed charging handle
    SB Tactical SOB pistol brace
    Hiperfire Hipertouch Elite trigger
    Primary Arms Cyclops 1x prism scope

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