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Thread: Bergara 300WM B14 HMR

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    All I can say is Holly shit, don't buy a $1k gun, $2K scope and use $45 Burris Chinese rings. I had these rings on another 300 that was very hefty and the rings did OK.

    Nevertheless, I put badger rings on the 300 and tightened the base screws and Mark shot a .25 inch. I mean holes in holes. How frustrating to be this stupid, all the while relieved. I was able to tighten the base even though I rocksett the base.?? $200 in ammo later we have a shooter.

    We looked at the inside of the rings and there were markings to indicate the rings didn't hold the scope perfectly concetric. Maybe Mark can post some pictures. Mark will have rings for sell on the EE for a good price, just a heads up.

    Bergara once again did not disappoint, even with my best attempt to blow it.

    What mount and rings did you use? I've never had a high quality bolt action.. well other than 80 plus year old 8mm German Mauser lol. looking forward to getting my Bergara in. I'm betting it's a little more precise than my Mauser.

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    I don't know if the base was loose or the rings sucked. Because I torqued the shit out of the base and changed the rings. The rings were $60 burris rings. So.....Buy a quality 20moa base (nightforce.. badger....), rocksette it and buy quality (seekins, vortex, badger ) rings. And worry not. And your Life will be much better than mine was.

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