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Thread: Need help choosing progressive press

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    Quote Originally Posted by stank View Post
    I didn't see anyone mention this. If you go with the 650/750 I would almost consider the case feeder mandatory. If you do not intend on getting the case feeder then the 550 would be the best bet for you in my opinion. I did the 650 without a case feeder for awhile and it was a pain feeding cases. Not sure if the 750 is different from the 650 for not having a case feeder.

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    Totally agree with your post. I ran with no case feeder for a few weeks waiting for mine to come in, totally messes with any rhythm you get going. And the 750 is no different with regard to the case feeder, basically a must have like you noted.

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    Dillon 550b and Rock Chucker owner here. The Dillon has been used for 9mm, 10mm and .45. I have dies for .38/.357 (crimp die as well) the RC is for rifle (right now .308). The Dillon is very easy to set up and the manual indexing feature is nice to give more control over the loading process. I am not a “fast” reloader by any means. As some one famous once said “speed is fine but accuracy is final”. If you do get a Dillon, invest in a “skylight” from inline fabrication. It bathes the shell plate in bright light so as to see into each case before bullet seating. Can’t recommend one enough.

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