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I have been interested in .327 FM since it came out. Intellectually it appealed to me, but not enough to make the leap I suppose. I wish more was available in the caliber, but I suppose guys like me are most of the problem there.

I have thought about 9mm. Tick, tock... Yeah, that's about as far as I got with that.

The wheel has a place in my carry routine, guess cause I just feel like it sometimes. Occasionally it goes as a back up, spends a lot of time in the center console or wedged between the driver and center seat in the truck....
I read (and talk to) about guys not wanting to "switch" to .327 because they already have a bunch of .38.

I'm thinking many of these guys hardly ever shoot their snubs.

I found I could easily sell the ammo I didn't want to shoot. (.357 practice ammo) and as I used up my .38 stock simply stop buying it and buy .32 ammo instead. Just phase it in.

I can see why a guy who has a bunch of reloading equipment and supplies in .38 being hesitant.

My wife has a .327 LCR and I the .357 LCR. I'm debating whether to get my own .327, a .44 Bulldog, (okay not likely, probably more of a fun gun) or try not to "need" a revolver at all, keep the .357 LCR, but as a stash gun out of carry selection.

But these little revolvers offer so much carry ability, draw speed and reliability it's hard to be without one.