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Thread: Home Dry Fire - I remembered I like Iron Sights!

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    Home Dry Fire - I remembered I like Iron Sights!

    Stuck at home schooling my kid and been going through the safe and inspecting, upgrading, and doing manipulations/dry firing all my neglected carbines, 90% with optics. (Spent way too much upgrading a 5.45 AK I posted elsewhere!)

    I finally worked my way to my modern retro 6720 pencil upper with A1 carry handle. I added an X300 on a low profile rail and considered taking off all the "modern" parts but then I started lugging it around the house as I do my chores and found... Light is awesome! Easy to carry, put down, and as I found, easy to deploy!

    I started doing dry fire drills and can use the huge Ashley same-plane peep sight as quick as a red dot if a proper cheek weld can be found. Even the small peep is pretty quick. I live on a hill and can see buildings and cars to 300Y plus for real life dry fire practice. I have rediscovered that I can see the front sight clearly with my middle aged eyes and overall sight picture is as good as with RDS. Front sight target blockage is no worse than dot bloom in my opinion. In fact I really like how I have much less overall binocular vision blockage without a big round black optic in the way.

    So basically nothing new but a reminder that irons are still an option worth training in an age of RDSLPVOACOG.


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    Love irons. Every week or two I shoot at the 500 yard steel with irons to test my aging eyes.
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    Nice looking gat. I enjoy irons and shoot them regularly.
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    I'll probably get flamed for this, but [quality] irons are far less likely to fail than (even quality) optics. That's why they're used for backups, instead of the other way around. Knowing how to run irons is an indispensable skill. OP, good on you for dusting off an "old" skillset.
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    I have no RDS and just love irons. I dry fire every day. With a great cheek weld there is much less wobble. I hook my index finger around the front sling mount on the FSP and pull back. To balance this I press my nose into the charging handle hard. It is almost like having two more points of contact. Mounting the rifle consistently, always in the exact (so much as possible) position, increases speed in acquiring the target. Moving from target to target both in the room and out the window seems much easier without a bulky black blog of an optic in the way.


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