LISTEN TO ME- if you dont ever believe a thing I say, believe THIS. I drove OTR for 13 years, just under 1.5 million miles.
I cannot count the times Ive seen interstates and highways bumper to bumper tryin to leave cities. YOU AINT GOING ANYWHERE, PERIOD.
Ive sat in my rig thru at least 5 hurricanes & I dont know how many tornadoes & high wind storms.
Couldnt get out of Dodge, so I rode it out in the truck. It aint a good feeling. And to be stuck on an interstate, with kids no less, hungry, needing to use the bathroom, hot as hell in summer heat or freezing in winter, I couldnt imagine. Ever sat in one spot for12-15 hours or more? I have, many many times.
As Ive said about the current situation with corona- if youre just now thinkin about prepping, you are a screwed duck.
And if you get warnings to evacuate a city because of another Katrina..youd better be IN THE CAR ROLLING within less than 10-12 hours. If not, might as well stay where you are.
My company, the Sunday before Katrina hit, tried to force me down to New Orleans with a load, they PROMISED "we'll get you RIGHT back outta there".
"NOPE, I AINT GOING AND THATS IT". Started on & on about how I could "get fired for refusing a load" and I was like "FINE- STILL AINT GOING".
Had I went down there- I woulda been a screwed pooch. So- use common sense, GET, WHILST THE GETTIN IS GOOD...and live another day.