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Thread: Covid 19: adjuvant approaches etc,

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    While it has its limitations to be sure, still a study of major importance here. It’s odd they mention whey in the context of its impact on GSH in one short sentence, and clearly miss the importance of that as it applies to their results, but a very important study:

    Effect of Whey Proteins on Malnutrition and Extubating Time of Critically Ill COVID-19 Patients

    The novel SARS-CoV-2 virus has led to a severe pandemic, starting from early 2020. Intensive care (ICU) management of the COVID-19 disease is difficult with high morbidity and mortality. Early nutritional support, especially with whey protein, seems to be crucial in this medical case. Thus, we aimed to assess the effects of an adequate nutritional protocol rich in whey protein on nutritional and inflammatory status, extubating time, and mortality of critically ill COVID-19 patients (CICP). Methods: A prospective single-center exploratory observational study was undertaken on 32 consecutive CICP admitted to the ICU of Santa Maria Hospital, Terni, Italy, and treated with whey protein-enriched formula. Patients’ demographics, nutritional status, indexes of inflammation, daily pre-albumin serum levels, duration of mechanical ventilation, and mortality were recorded.

    Results: Thirty-two patients were enrolled. Ninety-five percent of them showed a gradual reduction in C-reactive protein (CRP) values and increase in pre-albumin levels after the whey protein-enriched formula. Prealbumin levels were not correlated with a better nutritional status but with a shorter extubating time and better survival. Conclusions: An adequate administration of whey protein during COVID-19 patients’ ICU stays can provide fast achievement of protein targets, reducing the duration of mechanical ventilation, and improving inflammatory status and ICU survival.

    Full paper:
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