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Thread: SBA3 Digging In

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    SBA3 Digging In

    Does anyone else have problems with the front of the SBA3 digging into your chest or back while slung? I just received mine, mounted it, and went for a walk out in the woods and it was immediately noticeable. Not just a small irritation either, it was jammed into my skin pretty hard. I've searched around and can't find anyone with this problem.

    The brace was extended close to all the way out, I've found that I like that much better than NTCH.
    I can't imagine my sling setup being much different than everyone else. It's mounted on the right side of the brace, around the back and up to about midway up the handguard (right behind my hand). I feel like that's a pretty typical setup and it's what I run on all my AR's.

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    I run QD Endplate as attachment point at stock (ok Brace) which places it higher.
    Donít experience what you describe. Might give that a try.
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    I was waiting to see if others answered with the same issue. Mine is set up similar to yours, but I don't have that problem. Mine is on a 10.5" pistol. The only difference is that the front sling attachment point is closer to the muzzle; I set mine up so that the sling goes over the back of my support hand. I don't think that that would make much difference. Perhaps the difference has to do with how tight or loose the sling is? My pistol rides fairly high and the back of the brace doesn't touch my chest. I like some tension on the sling when I shoulder the weapon -- sporadically/inadvertently of course.

    I was hoping that someone would have a solution for you -- I don't...

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